Innovit - San Francisco

Can a HUB transform your professional career? Absolutely, and its name is Innovit.

Through the support of ICE and the ITA Trade Agency, there's a vibrant Italian hub in San Francisco called Innovit. This innovation center serves as a nexus for Italian startups and SMEs eager to grasp the Silicon Valley mindset. More importantly, it offers invaluable networking opportunities, a critical element in professional growth.

Regarding my own experience, which I've detailed and discussed on YouTube, the team at Innovit was incredibly supportive. Their presentations were insightful, but the real highlight was the daily chance to meet professionals from major tech companies. Engaging with them about startup opportunities and professional skills was not only enlightening but truly exceptional.

Remember, the days can be quite intense, stretching from 8 AM to 9 PM daily. It's an incredible opportunity for networking, though it can be a bit stressful! So, before or after these busy days, consider renting a classic American car and explore the area. Definitely visit the major tech hubs in Silicon Valley, but most importantly, don't miss the chance to experience the natural beauty of Yosemite Park :)