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In the seventh episode of my San Francisco series, I'll take you to the heart of innovation with an exclusive investor event at Innovit! It's a unique opportunity to explore the latest technological trends, connect with leading investors, and discover groundbreaking projects.

We'll participate in engaging discussions, high-level networking events, and discover how Innovit is shaping the future of startups in Silicon Valley. Don't miss the chance to be at the center of San Francisco's financial and technological action!

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In the sixth episode, I'll take you on an exciting adventure that begins among the sea lions at Pier 39. You'll discover how I experienced San Francisco from morning to night, with events at Innovit and high-level meetings with energy companies and mentors from tech giants like Google, Walmart, Amazon, and Apple.

This day was a true professional accelerator, with learning and networking opportunities that grew my knowledge base incredibly.

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In the fifth episode of my journey into the startup universe in San Francisco, we'll explore the beating heart of Innovit, a technological outpost in Silicon Valley with Italian roots.

We'll discover what makes this place so extraordinary and what my role is within this high-tech community that I'm a guest of.

Innovit is much more than just a space; it's a strategic hub that fosters the Italian economic, scientific, and cultural ecosystem in the United States. This episode will take us on a journey to explore the innovative and intercultural initiatives that come to life in this unique environment, and how Innovit acts as an accelerator for their international development.

Innovit's goal is to create partnerships between the American and Italian economic and cultural ecosystems, ensuring a lasting presence for Italian communities in Silicon Valley. This strategic project is promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and implemented thanks to the commitment of ITA – Italian Trade Agency and IIC – Italian Cultural Institute San Francisco.

If you're interested in learning how Innovit is contributing to innovation and collaboration between Italy and the United States, don't miss this episode!

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In the fourth episode of my San Francisco series, I'm taking you to the heart of the startup hub: #Innovit. It's an experience and a place like no other!

You'll discover the energy and creativity surrounding San Francisco startups as I immerse myself in this unique ecosystem. Innovit is where ideas come to life and the future is being written.

Follow my journey as I explore the challenges and opportunities offered by this dynamic environment. If you're curious about the startup world or have entrepreneurial aspirations, this is the episode for you!

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Episode 3 of my San Francisco adventure is here, and this time I'm taking you on a journey to the breathtaking Yosemite National Park (and who cares if you don't give a damn)!

Buckle up as I cruise through this incredible park in my Dodge Challenger, capturing its epic scale and beauty through my lens.

Join me as I discover jaw-dropping views, endless open spaces, and the awe-inspiring beauty of this magical place. It was an experience that left me reflecting on the magnificence of nature.

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In my second episode of the #SanFranciscoVlog, I had an truly extraordinary experience: I saw a Giant Bear in Yosemite! This incredible encounter made my adventure in San Francisco, #Innovit, even more exciting.

This is a chapter of the adventure that you can't afford to miss!

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In the first episode of my San Francisco adventure, I'll take you behind the scenes of an unexpected airport moment that immediately put me to the test!Β 

We're kicking off this exciting week at the #Innovit hub in San Francisco.

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Welcome to the Google Store in New York, an extraordinary place located in the southwest part of the city, where the High Line meets the technology of the future. During this exciting journey, I will take you through an immersive experience in the world of innovation and connectivity.

At the Google Store in New York, you will have the opportunity to experience BigG's advanced technological ecosystem. It will be a journey that will make you realize how Google is at the forefront of technology for both the home and individual.

A typical day of lessons brought us thrilling challenges and moments of personal growth as we rode the turquoise waves. But that's not all! We'll also take you on a quick tour of our temporary island home, giving you an authentic glimpse into the surfers' lifestyle.

Join us as we share personal insights, laughter, and the vibrant energy of this unforgettable experience. If you're curious about what it truly means to embrace surfing and immerse yourself in the Corralejo lifestyle, you can't miss this video.

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Let's start ta tolking about my experience in new york city with the best content creators af all the word (I am sure about it but I don't think it's a rule).

It was 8th of April 2023, a saturday morning in new york city and I know (thanks to YouTube) that there is a instagarm pages called @Creatorsnyc that organize each saturnday morning a meet in a different place that is published on insta stories only the day befour.

My vlog is a interviev to the founder of this project and to some guys that are content creators for a full time job.

I think it was a great experience, I understood different job dynamics about creators and how this job need and why networking about these people are so important.

In Italy sometimes we don't think that content creators is a job.

It's wrong and it's a importnat photos about our italian mindset.

Does it make sense to work in a startup? I try to answer this question by vlogging a typical day in an Italian startup.

What's it like working in a startup? Definitely one of the most frequently asked questions, and one I often ponder myself :)Β 

Let's try to provide a quick answer with this vlog of a typical day in a startup :)